Historical meet of district Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth, chandni chowk, delhi

A historical meet on “Sahaba-e-Karam and Love of the Prophet” was organised by district unit of Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth, Chandni Chowk, Delhi at Bacchon Ka Ghar, Darya Ganj on February 20, 2010. Presenting the Report. Maulan Muhammad Ahmad Salafi described the on going activities of Jamiat in the area and stated the future plan for the religious, social and educationsal welfare of Salafi brothers and sisters.

Mualana Asghar Imam Mahadi Salafi, General Secretary Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth Hind spoke on “Azmate Sahaba” (the most obedient to God Almighty and the Ardent advocate Humanity). Elaborating his points with examples, Maulana stated that God was witness to exemplary Faith, Piety, Truthfulness, Sincerity and high standard of character displayed by Sahaba-e-Karam. They attained God’s good pleasure as the crown of their felicity. In fact they were the true bearers of Islam, ideal guide and perfectly effected the Prophet’s way. The Sahaba-e-Karam sacrified everything for the establishment of Islamic monotheism, love, brotherhood, humanness and harmonious co-existence. It was Sahaba-e-Karam for whom the Angels supplicated that they enter the Gardenes of Eternity. People who indulge in criminal and subversive activities should get lesson from Sahaba-e-Karam, specially from Hazrat Khubaib who had displayed exemplary love for the Holy Prophet at the very critical hour.

Maulana Muhammad Muqeem Faizi, deputy general secrtary, Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth Hind decribed the difficulties faced by the Holy Prophet and Sahaba-e-karam in spreading Islam. He said that Islam could be established only due to the high character and immense qualities possessed by our beloved Prophet (S.A.W.) and his Companions who were trained by the Holy Prophet. “Our biggest duty is to give a crushing reply to those who are trying to create rift between Muslims and to present such an example of Islamic mannerism and good behaviour, taught and practised by Sahaba, that all evil designs of conspirators may be foiled,” he said. Maualana further added that for becoming a good Ummah we should work not only for ourselves but also give preference to the welfare and well-being of the humanity, for Sahaba-e-Karam were the ardent advocate of humanity. He gave the example of Sayyadna Abbas who was abused by someone for his Islamic activities and services for the Holy Qura’n. Sayyadna Ibn Abbas stated that he likes the knowledge of Holy Qura’n to be acquired by all; it also makes him happy to hear news about a just gazi and pleases him of the news of rain in a country. They are all for the general benefit of human beings.

Maulana Abdus Shakur Asari delivered his sermon on “Love of the Holy Prophet” and the Sahaba-e-Karam” who were true bearers of the teaching of the Prophet and practical guide to effect the Prophet’s ways.

A number of office-bearers of Jamiat’s state units participated in the programme and made their presence felt.

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