Islam is religion of Peace, Brotherhood and fraternity/Mufti Haram Purification of Heart submission and unity of nations are the main solution of All Problems of community/ Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mahadi Salafi 34th All India Ahle Hadees Conference (0)

Delhi: 9 March 2018

The greatest challenge of the present time is propagation of World Peace and safety of mankind. Deviation from social norms among new generation is common spreading haterade on the basis of regional lingual and religion are instigated in society. Inspite of All efforts sexual exploitation is not getting brake. Shameful acts have become excepted norms in society. As a result of which social integration and democratic values are getting shattered. Judicial orders and constitutional values are not being taken care of. Women exploitation in all sphere of life has touched its peak. Killing of female in womb is in common practice child abuse use of alcohol and drugs are such a heinous crime which are shattering are social network among the nation these were the feelingd of Mulana Asghar Ali Imam Mahadi Salafi Ameer Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hind he expressed while delivering his inaugural speech of the Conference.

He invited the youth of society to come ahead and save their socio-religious values, they should not come under the allurement and enticement of antisocial elements. They should work as messenger of peace. They should follow the path of religion. They should work for peace of humanity fraternity and brotherhood.

On this auspicious occasion his Highness Mufti (The Holy Mosque in Madina). Sheikh Ibrahim bin Ibrahim Al Turki headed Namaz-e-Juma and delivered a very short but heart touching Khutba, wherein He Proclaimed that Islam is a religion of Peace. It is not a religion of hatred and terrorism. Islam Propagate not only the safety of mankind, rather it also guarantecs for the safety of all the creatures. In the end of His speech Sheikh-e-Haram Prayed for peace of India, Indian Government and Indian Nation.

Prior to it President of reception community Maulana obaidullah Rahmani also delivered a very enduring speech. In addition to Him Maulana Haroon Sanabili General Secratery Markazi Jamiat Ulama Hind, Maulana Abdul Wahab Jamei, Amer Jamiat Ahle Hadees Karnatka state Maulana shamim Ahmad Nadvi General Secretary Jamia Serajul Uloom Jhanda Nagar Maulana Abdullah saud salfi General secretary Jamia Slafia Banaras. Dr. Saeed Ahmad Umri, Ameer Jamiat Ahle Hadees Andhra Pradesh, MaulanaAbdulRaheemMakkiAmeerJamiatAhleHadeesTelanganaState. JanabAbdulMajeedSalahiKeralaState, Maulana Razaullah Abdul Kareem, MaulanaMd. Ali Madani, Ameer Jamiat Ahle Hadees Bihar, Maulana Ismaeel Sarwari Jamiat Ahle Hadees Rajasthan, Maulana Shamshul Haque Salafi Jharkhand, Hafiz Shakeel Ahmad Meerrit, Maulana Abdul Salam Mumbai, Dr. Zafrul Islam Khan Chairman Delhi minority commission, Maulana Sher Khan Jameel Ahmad Umri Asst. Secratery Jamiat Ahle Hadees Britain (UK) Maulana Salahuddin, eminent Islamic Scholar, Dr. Abdul Latif Al Kindi General Secratery Jammu and Kashmir, Hafiz Atiqur Rahman Tayabi, Ameer Jamiat Ahel Hadees Easter UP. Also addressed the occasion and express their pleaser and greatitude to the members of Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hind for Organizing such a grand conference on the bwning issue of society. In the last Alhaj Wakil Parvez Treasurer of Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees hind presented vote of thanks.

Be it noted this conference would continue till 10:00 pm 10th of March.

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