Maulana Muhammad Ishaque Bhatti, a historian, literary and scholarly person, passed away at Lahore, Pakistan on December 22, 2015 at 2 a.m. midnight at the age of 91. He was an active member and one of the pioneer of Jamaat Ahle Hadeeth, Pakistan and was renowned as a literary critic and expert on history of Jamaat Ahle Hadeeth in Urdu Language. He was a personality of international fame and was respected by members of all communities.

He belonged to a religious family of village Hundaiya, former state of Patiala, Eastern Punjab. Maulana Ishaque Bhatti was born on March 15, 1925 and got basic education at his home under the guidance of his grand father, Mian Muhammad. He was then given under the kind care and guidance of a famous and renowned Muhaddis. (Traditionalist) Maulana Ataullah Haneef Bhojiani. Although his late father Mian Abdul Majeed left no stone unturned for his education and Tarbiyyat. But his grand father made tireless efforts to build his character and increase his knowledge. Late Maulana Ishque Bhatti got further religious and secular knowledge from Hafiz Muhammad Gondlavi Muhaddis, Sheikhul Hadeeth Maulana Ismail Salafi and Maulana Sanaullah Hoshyarpuri. He started writing literary articles including translation of literary works from Arabic into Urdu during his student days.

He started his practical life as a government servant in a village near Feeroz pur Head Sulaiman-ki and accepted imamatship of a mosque nearby his working place. That’s how he rendered preaching services for the cause of Islam. He was lucky to get a teaching job after government service retirement. He was a man of truth and never compromised with falsehood. He was a champion and flag bearer of freedom of speech. For this reason he was sent to jail in 1946 by the British government where he got companionship of late Zail Singh (former President Union Republic of India). His companionship and unique memories are included in the “Nuqooshe Azmate Rafta” of Maulana Ishaque Bhatti’s book. Maulana Ishaque Bhatti migrated to Pakistan with his family members in 1947.

He authored almost 36 books comprising “the advent of Muslims in India; the first sign of Muslims in sub-continent; Bazme Arjumand; Fuqhae Hind and Ahle Hadeeth Promotors of Teachings of Quran etc. etc. His literary books are considered an important addition to the history, culture, research and dawat studies. He wrote a number of articles on socio-religious issues. He was also actively involved in religious training of students for Islamic dawa. He preached the idea of serving the Islamic Monotheism with a clear mind and confident strides.
His death is a great loss to Jamaate Ahle Hadeeth and Muslims across the sub-continent as well as the Islamic world.

May Almighty Allah bless his soul and accept his good deeds and reward him Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen!
Hafiz Muhammad Yahaya Dehlavi (Ameer Jamaate Ahle Hadeeth Hind, Sheikh Ainul Bari (Deputy Ameer); Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mahadi Salafi (General Secretary); Hafiz Abdul Qayyum, Maulana Reyaz Ahmad Salafi (Deputy Secretaries) and Alhaj Wakeel Parvez (Secretary of Finance), other office bearers, members of Majlise Shura and Majlise Amila condoled the family members of late Maulana Muhammad Ishaq Bhatti. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen!

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