General Secretary, Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mahadi Salafi, in a statement while expressing his great concern over the efforts being made to spread hatred among Muslims of India in the name of Wahabism said that the terms “Wahabi” and “Whabism” are the product of the British mind which it had coined them to create and promote dissensions and disputes between Indians and to punish those people who were taking an active part in the Indian freedom movement. Hence at that time “Wahabis” and “rebels of British government” were considered this word worthy of attention nor did Muslim use it for themselves. It is, however, a fact that these very people were always in the forefront in liberating this country from British imperialism. It is also an undeniable historical fact that the main mission of these people was to present Islam among the ‘Ulama in the same spirit and form in which it was in the days of the Holy Prophet’s (صلى الله عليه وسلم) companions, and which was a blessing, guarantor of peace, embodiment of clear teachings of the Holy Quran and Hadeeth and quite simple, free from all adulterations alterations and free from un-Islamic customs and of violence, differences and extremism. Therefore, the rhetoric from Muslim Maha-pan-Chayat is in no way correct, just and in the interest of the country and nation but harmful from all aspects.

Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth, Hind’s activities are in the true spirit of Islam and all its activities are being carried on in the same spirit from the very beginning.

Its activities and message were more powerful in the past than at present. Its madarsas were more preaching Islam in a more effective way in the past when Arabs had no petro-Dollars. The propaganda that is being unleashed today that Jamat Ahle Hadeeth is being flooded with money from the Arab world is totally false and baseless. On the contrary, the fact is that non-Muslim institutions are getting maximum foreign wealth and Muslim institutions in comparison with them are nowhere. Moreover, if at all a few Ahle Hadeeth institutes get money from the Arab world it is extremely small as compared to other non-Muslim institutions and organizations while they receive with the knowledge and permission of the Indian government.Complete transparency is maintained in these amounts and detailed account is maintained. Jamiat Ahle hadeesth has to its credit of being the first organization to use all possible means and resources to fight terrorism, and has passed condemnatory resolutions from the sermons by Masjid Imams to statements in print and electronic media, seminars, and conferences etc from different platforms along with Muslims and other countrymen.

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