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With this issue, we enter into the 7th year of our publication. All praise and gratitude to Allah, Who, in His infinite munificence, enabled us to render this service to the significant cause of the defence of Islam and Muslims in India.
The Simple Truth educates its readers the removals of prejudice and misgivings about Islam, Prophet Muhammad, and his Companions.The 31st All India Jamiate Ahle Hadeeth Conference is due on March 2, 3, 2012 under the title "Adalatus-Sahaba" (Excellence of Companion's Moral Probity. "On this occasion the speceal Issue of the Simple Truth is in your hand on the central theme of the Conference.
What is recorded in the history about the Companions of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) in general and the rightly guided Caliphs in particular, was a factual recording and description of the type of lives and characters those magnificent men had. History never before them has witnessed men who completely committed themselves and sacrificed their lives to a perfectly supreme and just cause.

New Delhi, March 2 Holy Kaaba (Haram Shareef) Imam Dr Shaikh Saud Bin Ibrahim Al Shuraim here today called for human bond and fraternity. Delivering his Friday sermon to the the mammoth gathering at Ramlila Ground, he said as the human beings originated from Adam and Eve, there should be no distinction on the basis of caste, colour and race. He averred that Islam since very beginning empahasized upon these principles.

A former judge, reputed Islamic jurisprudent and presently professor of fiqah (Islamic jurisprudence) at Umm Al Qura University, Makkah, the 48-year old Dr Shuraim said at the two-day 31st Ahle Hadees Conference on “Trustworthiness of the Holy Prophet’s Companions”, organized by Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hind, the Holy Prophet’s Companions established a society based on the above principles of brotherhood and equality and spread peace and justice. He felt the Holy Prophet’s Companions’ ideals were still relevant and the grief, stress and strain-stricken society today needed them.

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shaikh-shuraimCentral theme: ADALATUS-SAHABA (Trustworthiness of Holy Prophet’s Companions) ON "SAHABAE-KERAM: Remarkable Criterions of Moral Conduct And Exemplary Architects of Humanity"

March 02-03, 2012 At: Ramleela Ground, New Delhi KHUTBA-E-JUM'A AND PRAYER Will be led by:

Imam Masjid-e-Haram Samahatush Sheikh Dr. Saud bin Ibrahim Ash-Shuraim A number of Ulama and Islamic Scholars will also address the gathering.

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