Maulana Abdullah Abdut Tawwab Madani Jhanda Nagari, a pious, religious and scholarly person passed away on December 22, 2015 at 10 a.m on Monday in Kathmandu, Nepal at the age of 61. He was chairman of Markaz Al-Tawheed, Krsihna Nagar, Nepal. He was one of the renowned ‘Ulama of Jamaate Ahle Hadeeth having deep knowledge of Hadeeth literature.

He got his religious and Arabic education at Jamia Salafia Benaras and Nadvatul ‘Ulama Lucknow. He graduated from Jamia Islamia Madina Munawwirah in 1987 and took teaching job as a profession in different institutions. He founded Markaz At Tawheed, Krishna Nagar Nepal and Madarsa Khadijatul Kubra lil-Banat. He was chairman of Markaz Al-Tawheed and remained so till his last breadth. His contribution to Madarsa Khadijatul Kubra as a General Secretary was very memorable. He left no stone unturned for the development, visual growth and meaningful extention of the said two institutions. He also established a monthly magazine Noore Tawheed and remained its Chief Editor till last. He succeeded in restoring the honour of religion (deen) in Nepal. He opined that Islamic Monotheism is the only way to succeed in this world and the next. Noore Tawheed played a significant role in shaping the pristine teachings of Islam. Maulana Abdullah was a good orator, writer, translator, and a debator. His speeches, debates and religious sermons were frequently relayed on different channels. He was modest, generous and kind personality. His social, religious, ilmi and charitable institutions in Nepal and India are famous.

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