Resolutions Passed

Resolutions passed by the two-day 30th All India Ahle Hadees Conference on the “Greatness of Prophet Mohammed’s Companions”, organized by Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hind, the oldest organization of Indian Muslims

Religious and Social Issues:

(1) This session of Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hind welcomes the conference on“Greatness of Prophet Mohammed’s Companions” and considers it as a right and appropriate step in the backdrop of the present situation and deems it a timely and successful conference.

(2) Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hind is of the firm view that although Prophet Mohammed’s Companions were not innocent like the Prophets, they were “Afzalul Bashar” (the Best among the human beings). Any effort to criticize them and tarnish their image is contrary to the Islamic Faith (Imaan).

(3) The session of the 30th All India Ahle Hadees Conference asks the delegates, ulema, writers and office-bearers of district and state level units of the Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hind to propagate the different aspects of Greatness of the Companions of Prophet Mohammed in their Friday sermons, meetings and sessions in order to infuse life into the dying humanity which is teetering under the many man-made problems. It also asks the mandarins of religious seminaries (Deeni Madaris) to introduce subjects related to the lives of Prophet’s Companions as they are the role models for entire human beings, particularly new generation and youth. The conference also urges the journalist fraternity and writers to write special articles and columns on the different aspects of the lives of Prophet’s Companions in order to guide the humanity. The conference appreciates those organizations which have been working for highlighting the greatness of the Prophet’s Companions.

(4) The conference feels that the Muslim Umma’s all problems arise due to ignoring the Quran and Sunna. Hence, there is a need to follow the Quran and Sunna in its original sense and the models of Prophet’s Companions’ lives.

(5) The conference appeals to the whole humanity, particularly the Muslim community to adopt their lifestyle according to the Prophet’s Companions’ lives and considers their models as the enduring models for the entire humanity. It also urges that any new thing should not be introduced in ibadah, nor to mix-up huquq-allah (rights of Allah) and huququl-ibad (rights of human beings) in the name of affection in order to preserve the deen (religion) in its pristine and puritan form.

(6) The conference expresses grave concern over the prevalence of many evils in the society and wants to root out such social evils and to establish a pious and virtuous society. For this purpose, it is necessary that all milli and deeni organizations should launch a reform movement and to make teachings of Prophet’s Companions and their lives a beacon-light for wiping out social evils.

(7) The conference appeals to the Muslims to root out drug trafficking, hoarding, black-marketing and fraudulent means and other evils in the light of the teachings of Prophet’s Companions.

(8) There is urgency of rooting out bad habits and traits from the youth. Hence, the conference appeals to the religious organizations to promote Islamic and moral teachings among the youth.

(9) The conference expresses concern over the verdict of the Supreme Court which upholds the ‘live-in-relationship’ outside wedlock between a man and a woman. From the religious as well as social point of view, the apex court verdict cannot be accepted by anyone.

(10) The conference also expresses concern over the inclusion of ‘Live-in-Relationship’ in the Domestic Violence Act and makes a strong demand to the central government to expunge the live-in-relationship part from the law.


National and Community (Milli) Affairs:

(11) The conference deplores the excesses and atrocities and loss of life and property during the communal violence broken out in Hyderabad and Bareilly. The conference strongly demands that the riot-victims should be given justice and their losses should be duly compensated.

(12) It is deplorable that eight years have been passed to the incidents of pogrom in Gujarat but still the victims did not get the justice and still the many perpetrators of this heinous crime are roaming with full impunity. The conference demands that all the perpetrators should be brought to books, irrespective of their high status and meted out stern and exemplary punishment.

(13) Sixty years have been passed since the Ram Lalla idol was put surreptitiously in the Babri Masjid and about 18 years have rolled by following the demolition of the historic mosque but no justice looks in sight. Therefore, it is necessary that all the cases related to title suit of the Babri Masjid and its demolition should be expedited for early judgments. The 30th conference of the Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hind demands that in the light of the Liberhan Commission Report which indicted the accused, the criminal proceeding against the guilty should be initiated immediately.

(14) The conference strongly condemns the growing incidents of ‘fake encounters’ and demands for setting up a judicial inquiry commission to probe all the fake encounters, including the Batla House incident which is the worst fake encounter. The National Commission for Human Rights has itself admitted that it is a fake encounter. Its post mortem report has exposed the whole truth. Therefore, the conference also makes the demand that the conspiracy behind this most outrageous and despicable act should be unearthed and the perpetrators should be given exemplary punishment.

(15) Terrorism, in every manifestation, is a condemnable act and it should be discouraged at every level. Hence, the conference reiterates its fatwa (decree) for the first time issued at the All India Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadees Conference held on March 8, 2006 which proved to be a trend-setter for other Muslim organizations in this regard.

(16) The conference appeals to all religious and political organizations, compatriots, leaders and the media to foster and maintain communal harmony and to see everybody with the same eye and shun suspecting each other and for the sake of personal gains do not run away from the truth and justice.

(17) The government machinery fails to rein in the escalating prices of essential commodities that caused untold miseries to common man. The conference demands that the government should take stern action against the hoarders and to control skyrocketing prices. If it is not possible, it provides special subsidy on the essential items in order to give minimum relief to the poorest section of the society.

(18) The law and order situation in the country is worsening day by day. Therefore, the conference demands that the government should also focus on this aspect immediately.

(19) The conference welcomes the center’s decision of making education as the compulsory subject and sees it in light of the first Islamic government under the leadership of Prophet Mohammad in Madina Munawwarah which had made education as a compulsory subject. However, it feels that the Right to Education Act is vague as well. The conference views it with a deep concern that the Act does not include the Madrasa education into the compulsory education category. It urges the government to take the necessary steps in this regard.

(20) The conference demands that the Sachar Committee and the Justice Rangnath Mishra recommendations should be implemented immediately and backwardness should be made as a criterion for giving reservation to the Muslim community.

(21) The conference demands that amendments should be made in the proposed Communal Violence (Control) Bill. It feels that the bill should ensure the administration should be accountable for the violence, action against perpetrators of riot should be ensured and rehabilitation of victims and payment of compensation also be ensured.

(22) The conference expresses its concern over the killing of at least 75 jawans in recent ghastly act in Chhattisgarh and sympathizes with the kith and kin of those killed, and also demands to ensure the protection of the defenders of the country because these jawans are protectors and pride of the nation.


International Issues:

(23) The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is abode of peace on the planet which is an example of peace for others and it is holy land due to the seats of “Harmain Sharifain”. The conference condemns those in unequivocal terms who try to create discontent, mayhem and terror on its soil. The conference is also of the view that the inter-faith dialogue started by the Khadim-e-Harmain Sharifain is in the interest of the entire humanity and considers the move as a major and important step towards forging brotherhood among the people of the world and against the efforts to root out terrorism. The conference reiterates its faith in the leadership of the Saudi Arabia that can lead the war against terrorism as it is the only country which is a truly Islamic country based on the Quran and Sunnah.

(24) Iraq and its people are the victims of the machinations of the Western powers that made their life miserable. Still they are living in constant fear and peace is eluding them. The conference wants that the Iraqi people’s problems should be addressed in the backdrop of ground realities and politics of intrigue should not be imposed on them.

(25) Iran’s political problems are made complicated by the world powers and they are adopting double standards in this regard and these powers want to plunder and loot the Gulf region by intimidation and threat. The conference deplores the mind-set and approach of the world powers and wants that the world should take a cue from the 30th All India Ahle Hadees Conference on the “Greatness of the Prophet’s Companions” and accept the message of the humanity, morality, decency, justice and betterment of masses and to shun the negative politics.

(26) Under the garb of peace process, Israel’s transgression is reaching its crescendo as its nefarious design to demolish the holy places including the Masjid Al Aqsa and to wipe out the Palestinians. The conference condemns Israel in unequivocal terms and also expresses concern over those countries and people who are supporting the Israeli actions. It appreciates those who sympathize are with the Palestine cause.

(27) The conference relishes that the sub-continent witnesses the environment of peace and stability and appeals to the parties which adopt aggressive postures to come to the negotiating table for resolving all issues as it feels that the people of the region want peace and prosperity comes along with peace.

(28) It is a matter of grave concern that hijab (veil) is being targeted in many parts of the world particularly in European countries with disdain and religious bias. The conference urges them to give evidence of equality, justice, freedom practicing one’s religion and humanity and do not interfere in one’s personal freedom.

(29) The world media has adopted inimical and hostile attitude towards Islam and the Muslims and it plays up non-issue to the hilt to defame and tarnish the image of the Muslim Ummah. The conference strongly disapproves such behaviour of the media. It also disapproves terrorism while condemning severely aligning Muslims in particular with it. It appeals to the print and electronic media to follow decency and ethics and shun the practice of sensationalism and superficiality to be just and human friendly. It also criticizes the conspiracy to defame the dawah work of great Islamic reformer Sheikhul Islam Mohammed Bin Abdul Wahab and Imam Ibne Taimiyya and linking it to terrorism.

(30) The 30th All India Ahle Hadees Conference of Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hind expresses its heartfelt condolences on the demise of Maulana Mohammad Raees Nadvi, Maulana Abdul Mateen Memon Junagarhi, prominent businessman Mushtaq Ahmed Bhadoi, Maulana Syed Abdul Wahed Salfi and Maulana Abdul Ghani Saifi Umere of Raidurg, Mohammed Mustafa Kasganj, Maulana Abid Hasan Rehmani, Maulana Atullah Khan Ameni Bhiwandi, Maulana Abdul Awal, member, executive council Alhaaj Atalullah, Maler Kotla and Dr Moqtada Hasan Azhari, former Principal of Salfia Tibbia College Darbhnaga Hakim Mohammad Maaz Salfi and Maulana Abdul Mateen Salfi, President of Tawheed Educational Trust, Maulana Abdul Lateef, Ameer, State unit of Assam, and Maulana Abdur Rahman, Assam. It prays to Allah that He should accept their contributions and services towards promotion of Islam and grant them the choicest places in the Paradise.Amen.

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